Light Up Your Kitchen and Dining Areas with These Fixtures and Expert Lighting Tips

Expert Lighting5

Kitchens and dining rooms are essential spaces that require proper lighting. While today’s kitchen is a showcase of modern style, it has always been – and will continue to be – a working zone. As such, the lighting in this space cannot be neglected. Similarly, no dining room is complete without a few key lighting components. Below, you’ll find some suggestions for lighting your kitchen and dining areas effectively. Continue reading

GO HI-TECH In Interiors

HI-TECH in interiors

Give your home a modern look by incorporating high-tech tiles and paints . What does the word `hi definition’ mean to you? To most, it conjures up images of electronics such as televisions, music systems and cell phones. In fact, high definition has now become synonymous with our lifestyle. Today, everything is about high definition from TV sets to cameras, smart phones to laptops; we desire colors that come alive. While most consumers have come to accept this in the personal technology space, this trend is all set to revolutionize the home decor space as well. A new wave of high definition home décor products has swept the market that includes products such as high definition paints and tiles. Continue reading



Fish keeping is not just a hobby; it can change our lives, teaches us a lot of things related to science, understanding fish behavior and its requirements, care and responsibility and last but not least, how to accept and appreciate living beings. Continue reading

Add An Accent To Stairs

Accent To Stairs 2

There is more to a stairway than just steps. The design, individual parts and installation all require the understanding, experience, and knowledge of a master craftsman. Continue reading

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