interior unusual ideas

The fact you are here on this page means that, like us, you love interior design. No doubt, you are always looking for fresh ideas. 

We know that it is great to find new sources of inspiration. Doing so is the best way to get fresh interior design ideas and come up with truly unique decorating schemes for your home. Sometimes that inspiration comes from unusual places, read on to find out more.Continue reading

colors and lights

It is quite fascinating to watch the play of lights and colours in living areas. If you want to make your remodel project shine, finalize your lighting design before you select paint and carpet colors. Continue reading

professional designer

Let’s be honest: we aren’t all good movers. What is meant by “good mover”? Good movers are those who can move from state to state, city to city, country to country, while retaining their sanity and social standing. Then there are the rest of us. We get stressed to the limit, live off of take out Chinese food for three straight weeks while we procrastinate hooking up the stove, and we surround ourselves with un-unpacked cardboard boxes in otherwise empty rooms. It’s no way to live, and no way to keep up with our hoped-for interior design standardsContinue reading