Priming First Impressions – The Natural Way


by  Holzwerk

Never judge a book by its cover they say. But whilst that may work for books, it most certainly doesn’t cut it when it comes to interior design. In ID, unlike your typical bookshelf, a first impression equals a lasting impression. Or to put it the other way around, once unimpressed always unimpressed.

The fact that there are no second chances in design means that the pressure is on to present a room impeccably from every angle. And strange as it may sound, that applies from the outside just as much as it does from the inside. Continue reading

Bathroom Furniture designs By JOMOO

jomoo bathroom furniture2

Once there is some space in thought, you can feel the world is so wide, and when you spare some space in your mind, you’ll realize the meaning of life. Continue reading

Majestic Gabriel

Gabriel Chandelier5

The Gabriel Chandelier is the first permanent contemporary piece installed in the Palace of Versailles, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and realized by Swarovski, hangs over the Gabriel Staircase at the main entrance to the palace. Continue reading



The suitability and appearance of fabrics have three vital aspects when it comes to interior designing. All the necessary measuring is done for you to ensure perfectly fitting curtains or blinds, and if you decide to place an order, we can arrange for one of our professional fitters to install your new curtains or blinds to your exact requirements. Continue reading

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