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Smart shelving and cabinetry can help you multiply storage space. With increasing demand for real estate and rising costs of space, home space is shrinking. In such a scenario, it’s time for us to think of creating more space in the existing area available. Continue reading

Give Your Home a Facelift this Spring with the Latest Trends

Facelift Home

As spring approaches many people will be gearing up to whip their homes into shape. For some this will involve de-cluttering their homes and freshening up some of the tired furniture. If this is something you’re thinking of, familiarise yourself with the emerging trends so you can invest in décor that reflects mainstream fashions. Continue reading

Do we really enjoy DIY?

In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, do we really want to go home and paint the walls? Would we rather sit in front of the telly then have a pristine house? Ronseal set itself a mission to find out the nations real DIY interests.  They undertook some research (click here) to uncover the real interest of DIY, some of the findings were fascinating…

Britain is a proud nation but is it proud of its own homes? A poll of 500 people was asked why they start a DIY project. It turns of that 2 in 3 people started a DIY project for ‘upkeep and maintenance’. Does this mean that we no longer get pleasure from some good old fashioned home improvement? Or do we no longer have the time in the busy world we live in; if it needs doing then we will do it.

DIY Interior Design

However it turns out that 1 in 3 start a DIY project because they enjoy it. It’s great to think that people still get enjoyment from a bit of elbow grease. There is no better feeling then completing a DIY project and sitting back and admiring your hard work. Continue reading


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The most beautiful homes have a touch of history, of memory , of things that have been passed along, living side by side with the very modern. Most folks these days prefer the traditional decor style which is an amalgamation of the old and the new. Continue reading

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