warm winter bedroom

It can be difficult to settle into bed in the colder months, especially if you are someone who struggles to keep warm. You spend quite a significant amount of time in your bed, so you want it to be a place that is as comfortable as possible. There are many quick and easy ways to make this happen, so here are five simple ways to make your bed a warm and comfortable place for winter.Continue reading

Life in Boxes

Packing your moving boxes may seem like a deceptively simple task, but there is an art to doing it well. Whether you’re moving to a new house or just looking to clear some space in your current place, it’s worth taking note of these tips and tricks for packing your boxes correctly. It really is worth it if you want to avoid items being damaged and broken in the course of the move and during any subsequent storage periods.Continue reading


Your living room is the most used and is like a public space of your home. A living room is considered the center of any home. So, you should make some effort while decorating your living room to create a warm, cozy, chic and inviting effect. Moreover, coming up with living room decorating ideas can be somewhat challenging.Continue reading

Cherner Chair4

Founded in 1999 by brothers Benjamin and Thomas Cherner, Cherner Chair Company was brought about by demand from numerous fellow architects to reissue their father, Norman Cherner’s designs. Continue reading