wood in decor

Timber lends a warm feel to the interiors, With them you can make plenty of cool things starting from simple coasters and ending with a complicated wall art. Continue reading

Natural Picture For Wall Art Living Room Decor Ideas

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The wall decorating ideas for living room trends change fairly rapidly and these ideas goes out to all of you out there interested in Natural Picture for Wall Art Living Room Decor Ideas. Continue reading

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet by Lisa Hilland

hilland cabinet

Swedish designer Lisa Hilland entitled her stand at Salone Satellite My Granddaughter’s Cabinet to reflect her values as a designer. Hilland designs for the long-term, using materials and ideas that she hopes will be timeless. Continue reading

Monsoon Care for Wooden Flooring

wooden flooring care

Wooden floors look beautiful. However, they demand daily care and regular maintenance to upkeep their beauty and functionality. Rains are not the best season for the maintenance of your homes. Continue reading

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