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Decorating tips don’t get much easier than this. Let’s face it, decorating your home can be an overwhelming business as the options are literally endless. Continue reading

Style inspiration from top female designers: the top four

If you’re thinking about transforming your interior, one of the best ways to pick up ideas and get inspired is to look to the professionals. Among the very best interior designers working today is a collection of women whose style, creativity and imaginations have influenced interiors up and down the country. Continue reading


high end homes

High-end housing is gaining ground around the city. The increasing number of high net worth individuals and widening global exposure is leading to world-class developments that are sought-after. Continue reading


workspace interior

The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. This has serious consequences for our psychological well-being and creative performance. Create workspaces that enhance productivity and efficiency, reflect global trends, while offering a healthy working environment. Continue reading

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