Astronaut-themed kid’s bedroom



Few things are more exciting to a kid than his or her very own themed bedroom. Make your child’s outer space dreams come true with an astronaut-themed room. Make that special place for your child without breaking your budget by getting creative and getting your hands a bit dirty.

Help your little boy or girl blast off to dream land via a ride through space with this astronaut-worthy kids bedroom decor set. Once you have your bedding, there are so many ways to build around it to bring your space-themed room to life – or shall we say extra-terrestial life. For example, seek a pale, smoky blue wall paint to create a space-like aura. If you have floor, chair, or ceiling molding, consider painting it navy to bring visual depth to the room.

astronaut room

Consider wall decals, wall stickers or other hanging wall art of rocket ships, stars, and planets. Or, try glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling so your child can doze off while watching the stars of the galaxy.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to make an astronaut-themed kid’s bedroom is by painting it. Try painting it dark blue or even black. If you don’t want to make the room too dark, you could also do white, grey or light blue on the walls and just paint the ceiling dark. Paint large circles on the walls and ceiling for planets and moons. Look at some astronomy pictures to get inspired. You can also add comets, stars, a rocket ship, space station and even an astronaut if you aren’t afraid to get creative and put in the effort.


Outer space-themed bedding is a great place to start accessorizing. It is popular so it should be readily available at local stores or online. Blow up astronomy photographs to poster size for the walls. Hang glow-in-the-dark planets from the ceiling and stick glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls and ceiling. Keep an eye out for futuristic-looking


The bedding set comes with a choice of two options. Choose the navy blue quilt that depicts our solar system with the sun, stars, moons, and the eight planets revolving around it. Or, try the star decorated duvet cover in light blue and navy with matching sheets. Don’t forget the formerly known planet Pluto with a cute little round throw pillow to puncutate the bed.


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