Decorating your child’s bedroom can seem like a daunting or frustrating task. You want something that’s going to be practical and affordable, yet in a style that matches your child’s personality. You shouldn’t look at this as a negative job, however. Follow this guide to decorating your child’s room and you will be reading them to sleep in their perfect bedroom before you know it.Continue reading

Casting the Mirror Magic
Mirrors have the magical effect of beautifully enhancing any interior. They perfectly reflect and accentuate hues as well as outdoor views that make the space appear brighter, sometimes more spacious or even more dramatic.

interior magic

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Cool Upcycling Projects1

Moving into a new home is always an expensive endeavour. Aside from paying the first parts of your mortgage or rent there’s the issue of kitting it out with all the essentials. It’s likely you won’t be fully happy with all the existing amenities and will instantly be looking for fresh furniture and a change of décor. Continue reading