Basements are frequently considered to be dark and unpleasant places to be at. But the latest tendency in renovating and remodeling basement spaces has given them the second life. Today more and more people remodel their basements into separate apartments and them either rent them or accommodate there visiting friends and family. But regardless of the purposes you have in terms of creating the apartment, the steps you need to take are the same. Below we prepared several useful ideas that will facilitate the whole process.Continue reading

Modern bathrooms are no more merely functional spaces but have become more personalised and it is one of the places that you spend a lot of your time. Except for closets, your bathrooms are the smallest rooms of your home that you occupy several times a day. Continue reading


The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in most homes. It’s a place where family and friends tend to gather during parties as meals, appetizers, and more are prepared. But even if you don’t entertain often, your kitchen is still likely an important part of your home.Continue reading

spare rooms

A wasted space is a wasted opportunity! If you have a spare room, whether it’s filled to the brim with ‘collectables’ or simply gathering dust on the furniture, it’s time to turn that floor space into genuine cash-earning real estate.Continue reading