The perfect kitchen is primarily about making the most of the room itself, creating an environment that offers the right amount of storage and that is a pleasure to work, cook, clean and be in. It’s important that you look at the space you have to work with and think about how you can make the most of it. Limited funds are no barrier to having a dream kitchen. What counts most is having a good eye and a good fit, says the interior designer.Continue reading

kids room

The interior of a child’s or student’s room consists of two main zones – the rest zone and the play zone which will eventually turn into a work and study zone. Furniture for children must be safe and suitable for their age. Children and students always create their own world around them and a well-designed space should definitely underline this creative spirit. Our interiors are full of light and joie de vivre.Continue reading

Fancy Living Room With Floral Accents Shades of Yellow for a Golden Interior

Picking house paint colors isn’t just difficult. It’s terrifying! Pick colors that are blah, and your house will seem flat and featureless. But if the paint colors you pick are too bold, they might overwhelm the architecture… and upset the neighbors.Continue reading