In order to make art, kids have to have a space to do it, as a parent, the challenge is to enable your child to live his dream. A place stocked with art supplies, a place they can start a drawing of outer space and come back to finish it the next day.Continue reading


Basements are situated downstairs on the ground floor. Consequently, they do not have much natural light or ventilation and desperately require both. The only way to kill two birds with one stone in such situation is to install proper windows in your basement. Windows can help you get rid of gloomy and unpleasant light that most frequently occurs in ground floor spaces. The article below aims to help you deal with poor light and ventilation by means of new or replacement windows installed.Continue reading


Design the interiors to reflect sophistication, comfort, convenience, creativity, vibrancy and a welcoming ambience.  With a rise in the number of people travelling abroad on work or for a vacation, the exposure to international trends be it fashion, interiors, furniture etc has increased tremendously.Continue reading


Decorating your home can take days or even weeks and require a lot of money. While you might look at new furniture, consider changing the floors and even find new decorations to use in those rooms, you should think about making some changes to your walls too. Neutral colors like white or cream are great for letting your decorations shine, but you can use a brighter color to create a focal point or to create a statement in the room. In addition to paint, you can use wallpaper and even fabric.Continue reading