One of the easiest, most dramatic, and least expensive ways to update and change the mood of your home is with paint.

Everyone knows that they can repaint their walls, but most people stop there. They don’t realize the endless design possibilities with paint. It’s not just for walls; it’s for literally any thing that can hold paint!Continue reading

spare room

A wasted space is a wasted opportunity! If you have a spare room, whether it’s filled to the brim with ‘collectables’ or simply gathering dust on the furniture, it’s time to turn that floor space into genuine cash-earning real estate.Continue reading


One of the things that gives an office space a lot more personality is the finest photography and framed art. Many customers get a good impression upon entering when they see great art on display, particularly if it is in an inviting waiting area. Because there are so many options for photography, you’ll want to know the best ways to narrow down all your choices.Continue reading


It is the desire of every home owner to have their home fit their style. It is not enough however to have a beautiful home, but one that is functional and timeless as well. Interior design is often thought of as an afterthought in many homes. It is considered in this way because once people have purchased the home, they would rather spend their efforts on other things that have nothing to do with style. Interior design however is and should be a vital part of any home purchase or simply a great way to update your current space.Continue reading