This style originated in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and is often referred to today as “Spanish modern.”  The decor is an eclectic mix of style from different countries that form the Mediterranean, such as Morocco, Italy, France and Spain. The Mediterranean decor style, with its rich textures on walls, fabrics, floors, and accessories, is apt to do up your home.Continue reading

Are you planning to give your cooking space a makeover? If yes, then renovation can give you varied opportunity for showing your creativity and style in the old and dilapidated space. Kitchen is an important part of your abode that requires proper maintenance and must be upgraded over time. Sadly, many people do not pay attention to the basic planning of kitchen renovation

The planning should include designing, lighting, budgeting and other aspects. Starting from interior décor to using latest appliances, you will have to be very careful when you decide to take up kitchen remodeling project. Read on to know some great tips that will add aesthetic value to your property and at the same time, improve your standard of living.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas - Caesarstone

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After the holidays, the winter months tend to deteriorate from party season to hibernation season. But now that summer is returning to the air, you can start hosting barbecues and parties at your house once again. Before the influx of visitorsbegins, there are a few steps you can take to shake off the dust of winter and turn your home into a welcoming summer oasis.Continue reading