Without the right combination of storage, furniture and lighting even a large country villa can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Interior design plays a major role in your home’s comfort level, making it a vital element of any spacious living space.Continue reading


Bedroom lighting fittings really are a extremely important concern whenever you style the area which you invest a lot period resting within during the night. One of the ways associated with nearing the bedroom illumination would be to ensure that you arrange it within levels. Then you can certainly stability which plan something similar to the floor light or possibly a walls light diagonally opposing towards the mattress.Continue reading

When it comes to the world of fashion, people don’t hesitate at all about mixing patterns on their clothes. With decorating however, it seems to make even the boldest of home owners shy away.

Have you ever walked into someone else’s house or opened a magazine and seen a fantastic bold pattern taking up a whole wall in a room, or covering a floor in the form of a beautiful rug? Well, now it’s time to take the leap of pattern passion and we are here to show you how:


The walls of your living room are obviously the easiest place to make an impact on your décor when adding style and colour.

Pattern Wall

It can often be too much to cover every wall in a bold pattern, but one or two works really well. The easiest way to do it is with wallpaper. You can find tonnes of different designs and patterns that will transform your walls before your very eyes, but if you are feeling very brave, you can always take to a paint brush and create your own.Continue reading