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Introduce texture in spaces with bamboo collectibles, warm, inviting and of course, beautiful, rustic interiors are charming. The light yet sturdy quality of bamboo along with its golden colour make it a wonderful and exotic touch for your home, especially in the summer! One such material, which is in vogue and much in demand as a decor addiction is bamboo.

Bamboo is a good material to accessorise and is being increasingly used in woven form for handcrafted products. These make for great items to accessorise your home with or to give as gifts.

Furnishing is the most important aspect of your interior. From the purely decorative ones to functional household items, bamboo gives you a reason to accessorise in style. Think of any household item, be it a tray or a mat, and it is available in bamboo. 

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You could use bamboo to give a contemporary, informal look to your home. Bamboo is gaining popularity as it has stability, strength and elegance and comes in soft, natural colours. 

Bamboo is a fantastic way to instantly add texture to a room! It can work well as a large piece of furniture or as an accent piece, and looks fab with almost any color combination. Household items such as trays, mugs, flower vases, wall hangings, photo frames and tablemats made of bamboo are popular collectibles.There are many interesting items made in bamboo which can be directly used as decor objects in their original colour and texture. The other option is to paint them to suit the surroundings in which they are placed.

The most popular bamboo item is the floor lamp. The body of the lamp can be in the shape of the original bamboo plant giving it that natural look. A nice attractive-looking lampshade fitted above can make it look beautiful. Sometimes, a little craftsmanship can also convert this lamp to double up as a phone stand by pro viding a small shelf.

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Bamboo blinds are an ideal background for greenery and bronze figurines. Also look out for tableware, arti facts, chatai mats, door or window screens, frames for mirrors, delicate hand fans, baskets, and lampshades.

If you are fond of animals, then opt for bamboo monkeys, camels and elephants in miniature sizes to place in corners or the showcase cabinets. Small boxes lined up in velvet or sequins can also present a beautiful ornate arrangement along an open shelf. Teamed with a pair of hand fans they make a complete picture.

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