In order to make art, kids have to have a space to do it, as a parent, the challenge is to enable your child to live his dream. A place stocked with art supplies, a place they can start a drawing of outer space and come back to finish it the next day.

Dedicated art space is even better, because it’s a place they can turn to any time they feel the urge to create, Creativity is the core to all learning. It allows us to take what is learned and turn it into something new, something wonderful, and something of value.

Children love fairy tales, superheroes and soccer stars and want to be like them. Personalised themes created keeping in mind your child’s preferences will transform his room into a sanctuary. In our home, you will find creation stations everywhere… in the kitchen, in the living room, in their bedrooms, and even on the back porch.


A big mural or a well-chosen wallpaper can be really helpful to limit our creative zone. We choose color and fun for this stimulating area. With a host of themed furniture and accessories available in the market these days, it is not difficult to create themed rooms that are as much fun to decorate as they are to live in.

The creative area in our house is a permanent set up that takes up a little side wall of the kitchen, between a chest of drawers and the fridge. Create, construct, invent, mold, shape and build… all these words equal creativity. When you think of a creative space, what comes to mind? A table with paints and paper? An area devoted to free form drawing? Something else? For us, creativity is encouraged throughout our environment.


Children can see the value through the well placed invitation to build with styrofoam, the portable comic book kits that were strategically designed for each child in mind, or the creation center in the kitchen. It’s small and compact but contains enough art materials at any one time to hopefully allow plenty of independent creativity and free exploration of materials, with more stored nearby so that we can rotate regularly.

A creative space could have the purpose of documenting your child’s learning through the art forms, or you might have a specific task that needs to be completed. Empty the area and start to build your space. For our creative space, we are limited and do not have a dedicated room, therefore we needed to find a way to have materials present and accessible but minimal in space.

With the market for themed rooms expanding, industry experts are coming up with newer and more innovative ideas to match the colourful fantasies of children.