Decorating a fireplace

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Give your fireplace a facelift with these fireplace decorating ideas and tips. Creative arrangements and accessories can turn your living room fireplace, or any fireplace, into a beautiful focal point.

It’s almost always the focal point of a room, so selecting the right style, surround, and furniture for your fireplace is key. Top interior designers share their decorating tips—just in time for those colder nights.

To enhance the natural beauty of your fireplace with decorative touches, open your mind to the variety of possibilities. Favorite collections, noteworthy art, and family photos are just a sampling of the accents that can add personality and style to this noteworthy focal point. The arrangement of your favorite items can be a striking statement that complements your room’s style. Everyday accessories, family heirlooms, and artwork might be the foundations of your decorating scheme, but creative placement and clever additions make your fireplace glow. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or anything between, explore these tips for arranging your decorative fireplace elements with inspiring results.

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You want your room to have a point where attention can be properly focused and the fireplace mantel provides you with just such an opportunity. Just like any other decorative surface, the fireplace mantel too is able to be decorated in either an asymmetrical or symmetrical fashion. If you are looking for a formal tone, then choose the symmetrical type. On the other hand, the asymmetrical type has odd-numbered objects grouped in different sizes as also types and for best effects it must have a proper balance.

There are a number of things one can do to enhance its appearance and some people even wish for a fireplace mantel that comes straight out of a page of a magazine. Creativity and fun are the keywords to keep in mind when choosing to decorate your fireplace mantel.

  • When choosing items to display on your mantel or hang on the fireplace wall, select items with something in common.


  • A favorite collection, such as pottery, sculptures, or old books, adds your personal touch. The more the merrier. Without crowding them, fill the mantel with your collection, propping items at different heights and arranging them as a noteworthy collection.
  • A single color palette connects objects that otherwise don’t seem to go together. Show off your favorite color or a hue that complements the room’s decor with any variety of decorative things: candles, vases, picture frames, or artwork.
  • A theme that relates your items does the same cohesiveness trick as a consistent color palette. Gather items from nature and blend them with a pretty plant and botanical prints. Display items that relate to a special hobby.
  • Use repetition to make your display interesting and graphic. Three black-and-white photos of your children at play, matted and framed precisely the same, for instance, will make a striking statement.


Occasions when to decorate

One of the better times you will want to decorate the fireplace mantel is around Halloween and use of lights as also decorations can make it look very unique and it will help add some much needed excitement to the place as well. Another great day when you may want to decorate the fireplace mantel would be Fourth of July, or on Labor or even Memorial Days.


You can use fruits to decorate the fireplace mantel and by placing lemons as also limes into an empty vase or pitcher you can add sparkle to the fireplace which can also do with some votive candles as well. Then, there is plenty of space below the mantel where you can use cones for decorations. Growing grass for the fireplace is another simple and inexpensive way to catch the eye. Another useful thing you could consider would be to place a mirror on the mantel that adds depth as well as illuminates the room.

Here are some interesting decorating ideas for the fireplace

1) The excellent way to decorate a fireplace is to make an interesting arrangement of vases on each side of the mantel. If the rest of the room boasts a symmetric arrangement then you should opt for the same style when decorating with vases. Alternatively, asymmetric decoration also looks good.

2) Use the mantel to showcase your collection. Arrange different items that are similar in size, color and style. Do not display too much items as it would create a cluttered look. Select some favorite pieces and display them. Mantel is also a terrific location to hang artwork such as landscape paintings or portraits.

3) Candles are terrific items to decorate a fireplace. They can be made to sit in front of the fireplace and even inside. Special perfume candles may also be used to create that special effect. The only thing to be remembered while decorating candles is to place them together and not spread them.

4) Flower displays are also an attractive option to decorate the fireplace during summer and spring months when the fireplace lies dormant. The displays can be placed in front or in the hearth. Besides sprucing up things, the flowers shall also hide the soot stains.

5) During the holiday season, the fireplace is an excellent place to display holiday greetings and hang Christmas stockings. You may also stack Christmas gifts on the hearth and thus create a magical display area. A flower wreath may also be added above the mantel for seasonal touch.

6) Other items that can be added to the fireplace as decorative items are fireplace fenders, fireplace bellows, fire back, screen, tools such as tongs and brush, etc.


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