Curtains For Hexagonal Windows Elegant Bathroom Decorating Tips & Ideas From HGTV

The right set of curtains can tie the decor of a room together and provide the perfect finishing touch Subsequently, you will need to keep a few things in your mind, if you’ve decided to stay with window curtains. The drapes can add to the ambiance of this space. 

Curtains in a home not only provide privacy to residents but also give a chic look to the interiors, if done up in style.Curtains define your colour palette and add warmth to a room while filtering sunlight.  It could breathe a feeling of restfulness, attractiveness or excitement to the area. If you make the wrong option, it may spoil the feel of the room.

Used in different areas of a home, right from the entrance of your living room to the bedroom, kitchen to showers, curtains can be used just about anywhere. They are not just different pieces of cotton or silk but a combination of colour and fabric which suits different interiors.

 Curtains are the traditional way of dressing windows, and come in a variety of styles. Wide range of fabrics can give endless number of effects to suit every type of decor and lifestyle. These days, many are also opting for readymade curtains rather than custom curtains because of the convenience and the price.

Curtains with cotton prints are in vogue. Bold colours, woven in cotton, are the in thing though they are difficult to maintain.Polyester and chiffons are also used to create a fall in curtains to give a different impression altogether.

While choosing curtains, the colours should be in contrast to the decor of your home to have the best impact. You can also use dark colours and heavy fabrics in rooms where there is plenty of light. In other spaces, chiffons can be used.

The market nowadays offers almost 40 to 50 different weaves in curtains, such as lines, checks, florals, blocks, etc. You can get adventurous while shopping for curtains given the variety available in the market. The three standard sizes of curtains are five feet for windows, seven feet for doors and nine feet for French doors. Upholstery can be converted into curtains to match with the rest of the furnishings.