Eco Friendly Interiors


Eco friendly interiors are the heart of where the home is.With the hype being very high, there are a lot of takers for the idea of going green and also adopt it as the global warming is causing a huge concern over a period of years. So when it comes to implementing these eco friendly ideas in homes it starts right from energy conservation and eco friendly interiors. Using products that are not harmful to nature goes a long way in being eco friendly and helps to connect with nature.

In today’s modern society of interior design the practice of Green environments has been experiencing substantial growth due to the increased awareness of the importance. This importance of interior spaces that are both healthy and sustainable, gives our spaces that stylish craze that we need in our homes. The need to use practices, products that are both eco-friendly, promote better health in our homes and the workplace is coming more and more clearer. Green designers create comfortable, healthy and environmentally conscious spaces in addition to providing the overall benefits of mainstream interior design. And since Green interior design trends are ever increasing in popularity it is very important to recognize that sustainable materials and alternatives are currently making our home safer as well as reducing harmful effects on the environment.

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When it comes to eco friendly interiors, it aims at low-consuming electrical appliances, long lasting and durable furniture and minimizing the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. This is because too much piling up of unused furniture might trigger off carbon in the air as it might be used for burning purposes. Therefore, the aim must be to minimize the wastage between periods of 10 to 15 years. This way it can be conserved and result in non wastage of any material. Making small changes to your rooms or homes might go a long way in saving our environment.

Other options in eco friendly interiors are using eco friendly kitchen appliances that are equipped with high technology ideas are the best choice to have a full fledged energy saving kitchens. These have a quick working capacity that can perform every task such as cleaning the kitchen work area, washing the utensils or cooking the food in a jiffy. These are energy efficient ones that are capable of using only one third of the regular ones. This is also due to the fact that it has many more interesting features that would help them to act and save much more than the regular ones.

It can be such as replacing the plastic furniture with wooden or cane furniture. Using jute mats and carpets on the floors might also be an excellent option. Using glass with a metal oxide coating helps to keep the heat of the Sun away and also keeps the interior heat intact. You can fix your doors and windows with this glass. These can windows can be insulated in case of any breakage or leakage in the structure. In addition to this, they will eliminate the need of a fan as well.

Since flooring is currently a large industry with endless options, however only a few can really be considered GREEN. One of the most eco-friendly standard flooring products around is Bamboo. The reason for this is because of its ability to renew and regenerate itself to quickly. It is also a very contemporary style of design in today’s interiors.

Another type of flooring that is very eco-friendly is reclaimed wood. Many modern companies are not specializing in reclaimed timber from old structures that are refinished, re stained, and resold to others.


For many people, finding new and effective ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is of the upmost importance. With issues surrounding global warming and energy efficiency on the news and in conversation every day, living a greener life is becoming an ambition for more and more people across the world each year. At the opposite end of the spectrum however, some people are willing to spend the extra cash for style; if it takes spending an extra hundred pounds each year to light a stylish range of home lighting, so be it”

Using stone or pebble type flooring or on the walls would let you to safeguard the heat in them in the day time and proceed to the releasing them during the evening. Choose those appliances and machines that are eco friendly and are energy conserving in nature. This way none of the energy would be wasted and also saved most of the time. These are energy efficient ones that are capable of using only one third of the usual power. Also it will go a long way in saving a lot on your energy and power bills.


Well-designed and strategically placed lighting can create a feeling of drama, accentuate the room and enrich the space on several levels. Sourcing contemporary lighting fixtures to add to the room and then combining them with energy efficient lighting solutions is a simple and fantastic way to get the best of both worlds.

Lighting is accountable for over 60% of all electricity used in our home, so by using LED and energy-saving bulbs in each room, you can slash annual utility bills significantly. Look into styles of recessed lighting, spotlights and wall-mounted lighting for modern lighting fittings that convey style and class.


Certain building materials such as wheat board and bamboo are much more renewable than the traditional timber that is used in lumber production. So investigate using these as well. Wheat board is a by-product of wheat harvesting that would otherwise go to waste and bamboo grows back very quickly after being cut. So both of these are great eco-friendly options as regards building materials.

Many great pieces of home furniture are often thrown out before they reach the end of their natural life and can unfortunately end up on a one-way trip to the local landfill. By simply getting your creative cap on and adding a little character to furniture, you can create a modern home with a contemporary twist, without having to buy a single piece of new furniture! For example, if you are looking to completely redecorate a room, giving it a more modern and stylish theme and colour scheme, it’s fair to say old styles of polishEco-Friendly-House-Interiorsed wooden furniture would look odd and out of place. If you were to restyle the piece to match the new colour scheme however, you could add a new and unique piece of furniture without shopping for one at all.

Eco Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Replace the fitted cushion on old dining chairs with a more modern fabric and colour that contributes and adheres to your colour scheme. Repaint the frame black, white or a more vibrant primary colour, depending on the contemporary colours you have chosen for the room. This same approach is also a great way to bring a faded old table back from the dead; finish with a quality clear varnish to complete the table and give it a water resistant outer coating.