Happily versatile CASAMANIA


At the Heart of the Brand is the Drive for Innovation


Casamania offers a universe of products which range from furnishing systems to chairs, lights, and accessories. Constantly developing whilst catering primarily to home furnishing, its products are also suitable for use in contract and offices.



 Loop Chair, the seat-belt Sophie de Vocht for Casamania


The company CASAMANIA was founded in Italy in 1984 and produces everything from modular-furniture systems, to chairs and lamps and other accessories for the living and office area. Since its founding, it has been the little sister of the well known company FREZZA and CASAMANIA is increasingly becoming a melting pot for the ideas of Italian and international designers.



Bookcase, Casamania, Alma Large, Studio63.Lightness and strength – upon first glance Alma is linear, but closer inspection reveals a random side. Alma combines these contradictions with the various heights, depths and dimensions of its modules.Alma is designed to hold books, memories, images and objects, all fitting dynamically in the irregular space spaces which make up the structure and soul of Alma.The purity of the white metal brings a sense of lightness and elegance to the spaces it inhabits.


“Lending happines to any space” : thats the theme underlying furniture and acessories from Casamania by Fressa, an Italian company whose products are characterized by olour and ifty way with modular systems which are right in any situation , any space : home office or shops. Their collabration with young designers has resulted in structures that combine new and tradational materials, metals and plactics , tiles and acrylic all adding up to a blend of fun and functionality .