How to make your bed a real focal point


The way we view our bedroom is changing. What has often been overlooked, simply as a place to get our head down at the end of a long day, is now becoming our sanctuary.

We all have very busy lives that often leave us with little time to consider our bedroom. As long as it’s comfortable, few are too bothered about whether it pleases aesthetically. But, is that simply because the bedroom has never been anything but somewhere to sleep?

The size of the bed makes it a natural focal point for any bedroom. But that doesn’t stop us adding unnecessary trinkets and additional furniture. Take all that away and you’ll see how much better the room looks when the bed is the main focal point.


Type of bed

First things, first, what type of bed do you have? There are plenty to choose from; divan, upholstered, metal, wooden and so on.

A divan bed is quite a popular choice as they usually offer lots of storage space and are quite easy to get hold of. They’re not particularly ornate though, so you’ll have to put lots of effort into the bedding.

Metal and wooden bed frames are usually much more decorative but can come in all sorts of styles – from a simple pine bedstead to a spectacular four-poster.

Wooden Bed

King or queen?

If you really want to make a statement with your bed, you’ll have to change that single mattress for a king or queen size.

Unless you have an extraordinarily small bedroom, there really is no excuse. Even then, you could opt for a four foot double rather than a single. Every inch of extra space in your bed will make it stand out. Plus, there’s more room for you to spread out at night – no more fighting over who is on the wrong side!


Most people like to have access to both sides of the bed as it prevents you have to scoot over to the other side, which is nothing but a passion killer. Also, putting the bed in the centre of the room will ensure it’s the first thing that grabs your attention.

bed position

In rooms where it’s not possible because of the layout, try centring it with something else, such as a window or fireplace.

Once you’ve sorted where the bed is going, you will be able to think about where to place the other bedroom furniture, such as wardrobes, drawers, dressers and seating.


The colour of your bedding will largely depend on the colour of the room, but where possible go for white. Not only does it ooze luxury – think boutique hotel – but it also provides a contrast as bedrooms are often decorated with warm and rich hues. Try and go overboard with the bedding as different textures and thicknesses will really add the wow factor to your bed.


Have you ever noticed how hotel bedrooms are packed with pillows and cushions? It adds a sense of luxury and draws your attention to the bed. You don’t actually have to sleep with them all – although it would be quite cosy!

Opt for bold colours to contrast with the stark white sheets.


The most effective way to draw attention to the bed is by anchoring it with a headboard. This doesn’t have to be anything traditional or boring; you can really use your imagination.

For more design ideas, check out websites like House to Home and

DIY headboards are particularly good if you want to inject some personality. You can use artwork or posters to create your own unique space. What’s more, you could even change it up every now and again for a fresh look.