Interesting doors from around the world

In the exciting world of interior design, time spent looking for doors has been traditionally cast aside to pick furniture, colour schemes, decorative pieces and architecture as they’re seen as purely functional and a little dull. However, the rise of Pinterest and interior design websites like Houzz has meant that people are beginning to branch out and play with colours, shapes and designs of doors for a more interesting and unique home.

If you’re still unsure of swaying away from original door styles, here is some inspiration for unusual and cool doors from around the world, and how you can incorporate these into your everyday home.

doors from around the world 1

Source: Necropraxis

While most homes will not have a door as grandiose as this, anyone can take advantage of using bright colours to modernise old décor. When painting a door bright, ensure it is the focal point of the room by placing it in a minimalist room with natural colours.

doors from around the world 2

Source: Catherine Nicole

This brightly painted dungeon style door shows how incorporating colours from a certain theme can add character to a room and influence the overall ambience without making a room too garish. In this case, painting a door a light, weathered blue can induce beachy, holiday vibes and feelings but in other instances, incorporating bright yellows to your door will bring in a touch of sunshine, and greens will bring in a nature feel.

doors from around the world 3

Source: Top Inspired

The use of a door incorporated into the design of a room is a great way of adding interest to your door if you don’t want to sway too far from traditional door styles. This type of mural would make a great feature in a children’s play room or themed house.

doors from around the world 4

Source: US Country Properties

While sliding doors are not uncommon, going DIY and drawing attention to the fixture by using a contrasting colour is a great way of adding interest to your door without disrupting the feel of a room.

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Image Source: Bad Dog Needs Rotten Home

Painting bright patterns on your door is a great way of adding visual interest to a front door, particularly if you’re in a neighbourhood of identical looking houses.

Getting creative with your door is a unique and fun way to add a new look to your home. It is important to ensure that your door does not clash with the existing décor, but adds interest to the room that compliments the design. Front and external doors have more free reign to experiment with bold colours and patterns, and is a great way of distinguishing your home from those around.