We don’t need us to tell you that lamps and lighting are absolutely essential to the design of your beautiful living room. The choice of lampshade is determined by the theme, space and the light fixture. Nowadays, lampshades have become a crucial part of our home decor.

Designer floor lamps, or standing lamps, serve a double purpose: they can be gorgeous objects in themselves, and the light they make can determine the whole mood of the room. So buying the right floor lamp requires a bit of thought. They not only add an extraordinary touch to the room and its ambience but also set the accurate mood for the occasion.

Lampshades come in different sizes, textures, patterns, colours and height and each has its own utility .These days there are even eco friendly lamps that are made of either paper or jute. A striking floor lamp can be a living room feature in itself – adding height, colour and character to a room –  or it can be a more subtle addition, blending in to the furnishings and fittings.

The colours inside more sophisticated homes are also much lighter than in the standard styled homes.Lamps that contain the light source coloured glass or even a clear glass shade would fit very well using this type of design.

Whether you decide to go for a statement floor lamp may well depend on the space you have available. A tripod floor lamp, for example, will work really well in a sizeable empty corner, but may take up too much precious floor space in a smaller room.

The floor lamp can be put in both the corners of the room at the sides of the sofas, and to create a more mesmerising look, place a side table in front of both these lamps and a few vases or different hued curios on them and notice the glamour in the room. co-friendly lampshades made of jute or paper are available in multiple bright colours and a variety of patterns. These are best for the garden because they over throw multiple colours all over the place making it look pleasant and soothing.

Another option if you want the lamp to be a talking point is to go for a simple base, but then splash out on a large, flamboyant shade that will add colour and life to an eye-level space. Choosing the right shade is also important. ” Interior design lesson 101  states that in a living room,  layering light with multiple lamps is much better than relying on a single overhead source”.