Make one accent wall to give a stylish look to kitchen

accent wall-kitchen

Kitchen can become a model of style and efficiency with only few and simple changes. You may feel like there’s a lack of storage and space, but truth is even one small kitchen also can be an efficient one. A smaller kitchen means just few steps between stove, counter, sink, cupboards, drawers and refrigerator at your fingertips. So embrace the kitchen you have and maximize space available to you.

What to do with kitchen walls? Most often, walls in the kitchen are blanketed with cabinets, top to bottom, making this a moot question.But open walls are nice, even if it’s just a partial open wall. The answer then is varied. Some homeowners add stone accent walls, as shown here. Other people like open walls with spare shelving that show off not just walls but attractive china collections and other dining items.

On those cabinet-heavy walls where just a strip of bare wall remains, tiled backsplash works great. If you like stone but don’t want the work involved with masonry, stone walls made of polystyrene provide the right look.

kitchen wall accent design

Accent walls should be the first thing you see when entering the kitchen and are usually of a bolder color or texture than the other walls.Walls often present a problem for homeowners remodeling their kitchen. Bare, open walls are great, but unless you have an excessively large kitchen, open walls also mean less storage space.

On the other hand, a kitchen whose every wall is crammed with storage space feels cramped and busy. And who really needs a place for every JuiceMaster, egg cooker, and grilled cheese sandwich maker?

Look for appliances that can fit in space available in your kitchen. This will help by giving you more space in your kitchen and it will not feel crowded. You can paint one accent wall with color complimenting the color of your floor and other walls too. Like this kitchen there is enough space available so you do not need to paint it in light colors. You can go for a shade of magenta and can use it on counter top. For lighting, design large windows from ceiling to floor and for night try many small lights for adding glitter in your kitchen.


Your wall color can’t always be the STAR of the room, nor should it be in this particular situation. The paint color on the walls should be a pleasing backdrop to your furnishings and accessories. If you choose the right neutral one, you can apply real color any number of other ways in the space.

These pretty additions will decorate the eating space when it’s not in use and provide an extra layer of comfort when you are gathered around the table.Accent wall painted in green and white stripes also looks very mesmerizing.

The plants also impart the room with a pleasant aroma. Alternatively, a decorative piece may also be created by a buying a clear glass jar and filling it with lemons or olives before displaying them on the shelves.


Try and employ various accent pieces in to extend the theme throughout the room. Place bamboo placemats on the table, spread a green rug on the floor near the sink area or hang bright color towels. A punch of color may also be added to the room.