Design the interiors to reflect sophistication, comfort, convenience, creativity, vibrancy and a welcoming ambience.  With a rise in the number of people travelling abroad on work or for a vacation, the exposure to international trends be it fashion, interiors, furniture etc has increased tremendously.

A living room needs to be a place where families can kick their feet up. Where they can convene, entertain, and enjoy each other. Nowadays, people want a stylish and a different feel and look in their homes. Increased visitors at international fairs have led to far greater exposure to latest styles and trends.

But for those people who pride themselves on design, it also needs to be able to tie a home together.The trend is to have a modern, elegant home which is unique, personal, cheerful, bright with colour, rich with texture and varied finishes. Selecting the right piece for the right space is the key to a striking interior space. The space has to be stylish, modern, comfortable accentuated with elements of design and colour.


Emphasis has been laid on blending colours, textures, fabric, and finishes of course not missing out on the comfort aspect. Being comfortable is the key element. Many pieces also show the possibility for being used differently from time to time by changing the arrangement.

With an open floor plan, the slightest colour shift can mean everything. A beige sofa distinguishes the living area from its stark, white surroundings. With sunlight from multiple angles, this living room is a perfect space for basking in a warm glow – of sun and design at any time of year.