New and Replacement Basement Window Considerations


Basements are situated downstairs on the ground floor. Consequently, they do not have much natural light or ventilation and desperately require both. The only way to kill two birds with one stone in such situation is to install proper windows in your basement. Windows can help you get rid of gloomy and unpleasant light that most frequently occurs in ground floor spaces. The article below aims to help you deal with poor light and ventilation by means of new or replacement windows installed.

Lighting Conditions

Most basement in the very beginning feel stuffy and lifeless. If you basement is one of them then even some natural light can significantly improve the overall mood. In other rooms and areas of your home you are most likely to cover windows with blinds or drapes in order to buffer against drafts and too bright light, temperature fluctuations and fabric-fading sunlight. But with basements everything is different. Basically windows are the only source of natural light they have, and generally it is not the big one. Experts in windows Woodbridge suggest that with proper windows installed you will be able not only to stop heat loss during the winter time and heat gain in the summer by as much as 70 percent. Furthermore, properly selected windows will also reduce fading of basement furniture fabrics by 75 percent under condition that you use special Low-E coatings.

Moisture Levels

Another great problem of basements apart from light is moisture. As these spaces are mostly situated below the ground wet does not dry there completely resulting in mold and moisture issues. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is dry out the whole room before the renovation begins and then install high-class windows which are best insulators to avoid repeated moisture problem in your home. And a very important fact here goes for proper installation because otherwise even the best windows in the world will not perform correctly.

Layout and Space Restrictions

Most basement spaces have pretty big footage, but owing to the lack of natural light they feel cramped and doomed. Windows have always been used to expand living spaces, and for basements there is no better way of doing so. As a rule homeowners do not know how to put new windows properly and are not aware of different codes and restrictions existing for basement renovations. This is why experts in windows Oshawa advise contacting a contractor or windows installation company for a consultation at least to make sure that your project matches all requirements.

Professionals’ reviews claim that single- and double-hung windows can offer the biggest amount of sunlight and fresh air for basements. However when installing make sure that their size matches your basement layout. You can also opt for rectangular-shaped picture windows but only in case ventilation is not your concern because picture windows are fixed and cannot be opened. If you need exactly rectangular shape for your new windows you can opt for awning, hopper, casement, or sliding which offer same amounts of light but require much less space.