Prepping Your Home for Summer Fun


After the holidays, the winter months tend to deteriorate from party season to hibernation season. But now that summer is returning to the air, you can start hosting barbecues and parties at your house once again. Before the influx of visitorsbegins, there are a few steps you can take to shake off the dust of winter and turn your home into a welcoming summer oasis.

Spruce up Your Decorations 

One way to update your home for the summer is to display seasonal décor. A cool and relaxed decorating scheme is perfect for the warmer months. Choose colors and materials that are beachy, breezy, or even patriotic. Lighten up the fabrics in your family room by adding linen accent pillows to your couch or switching out your fleece throw blankets for a light-knit afghan. You might also consider arranging a display of seashells on your console table or setting a vase of summer flowers in the windowsill.

Cool and Comfortable

You should weatherize your home at the outset of each season. The most important part of your summer weatherizing checklist is getting your HVAC system inspected. Routine maintenance will keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. It is important to schedule this inspection for early in the season, before the worst of the heat arrives. That way, if you end up needing an AC repair, you will not be left sweating it out—literally. Investing in HVAC maintenance helps you catch any

issues before they escalate, which preserves you from losing money on costly repairs down the road. Having your HVAC system inspected will make your home more comfortable for you and your family, but you will find that it especially valuable for when you are entertaining guests. A crowded house can become quite toasty, and you want to ensure that your guests are cool enough during their visits. An efficient cooling system will also help you save on energy costs throughout the summer. With the money you will save on your electric bills, you can buy a few more snacks for your next event.summer 1

Arrange for Ambiance

To maximize the comfort levels in your entertaining spaces, arrange rooms so their layouts are open and clutter-free. This will make these areas feel more relaxed, and it will also enable your cooling system to work more efficiently. If your entertaining area has a window AC unit, be sure to place lamps or other appliances that generate heat away from it, as extra heat could cause the unit to work inefficiently. If the noise from your AC unit is disruptive to conversation, you may be able to reduce

the din by having it tuned-up or replaced with a newer model. Recipe for Success Summer is ripe with opportunities for  connecting with the people you love. Making your home welcoming is one way you can show that you care. Creating a

welcoming atmosphere means paying attention to details like decorations, room temperature, and ambiance. When you take the time to perfect these details, you place your guests at ease and help everyone get in the mood to have a good time. When you prepare for the season properly, you set yourself up for entertainment success all summer long.