Redo childs room on a budget

Redoing a kid’s room adds new life to their special space. Kids grow and change rapidly. As this occurs, their tastes, likes and dislikes change along with their size and thoughts. A room that was appropriate last year may be drastically out-of-date now. Hiring a contractor or a professional to redecorate can be expensive. Following a few steps, the task may be completed within even a small budget with pleasing results.

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Kids Room Décor Tips

  1. Select a theme and color scheme for the room. Prior to beginning the process of redoing the room, pick colors and themes that match the child’s likes and personality.
  2. Paint the walls. An inexpensive way to redo a child’s room is to use paint. Paint the walls the primary color of the selected scheme to brighten the area.
  3. Add a border to the top or center of the wall. Paint or hang a pre-printed border around the room. The border should complement the paint and represent the chosen theme.
  4. Change out the bedding and curtains. To give a completely new look to the room, discard old bedding and curtains and replace with complementary colored or theme items.
  5. Add new accessories to the room to give a completed look. New rugs, lamps or knickknacks to match the new colors round out the new room.

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Redo childs room on a budget(teen girls):

These are some simple tips to “redo” your child’s room:

  • Determine what you like and don’t like about your room. Sit down and make lists of everything you like and dislike about your room. (Color, furniture, accessories, etc.)
  • Decide what you want to change. Consult your parents about any big changes (Painting walls, buying furniture, getting rid of furniture, etc.)
  • Pick a theme. Choose either a color scheme or something that reflects your personality. It may be helpful to find one thing you like about your room to base your theme off of.(For example: A favorite color, hobby, a piece of furniture or accessory that you particularly like.)
  • Figure out a budget. This could be extremely small, or larger, but for this how-to, it will be low. (Include your parents on this step if you expect them to be pitching in some money.)
  • Clean your room. (If it isn’t already clean.) This can be done before or after shopping, but it’s a good idea to do it before, that way you aren’t tempted to start decorating or moving furniture in a messy room.
  • Get rid of unwanted things. Go through your room and decide what you dislike the most about it. (furniture, bedding, pictures, accessories.) And donate them to your local thrift store or, if they are in good condition, sell them online to help towards your new room budget.

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  • Start at home. Before you even go shopping, ask your parents if there is any old furniture around the house that you can use in your bedroom. You can easily fix up an old piece of furniture with new finish or paint in order to match your new scheme.
  • Start shopping. Look for cheap bedding and accessories that reflects your style. Check stores like Walmart and Target, they have cool stuff and reasonable prices, and you may even find some inexpensive furniture. If vintage is your thing, check thrift shops. Look around, and go to some web sites before making some purchases. You don’t want to pay $40 and then see a week later that you could have gotten the same thing at another store for half the price.
  • If you are painting, paint. Check How to Paint a Room or ask a parent for some help. Get your friends to come help you paint, it will make the task more fun.
  • Move furniture, add new things. Cool lights, posters, pictures of friends and family, nice rugs, etc. are all good ideas.
  • Enjoy your room, and make sure to keep it clean, a clean room looks better than a messy room. Also, if you are aiming for your room to look more mature, a mess will hurt your cause
  • Also if you want a new look for your bed, ask for a “Bed in a Bag” for Christmas or your birthday. Try to make sure it’s reversible. If it is then when you get tired of one side you can flip it over for a new look. Bed in a Bags come with pillowcases, a bedspread, a bed-skirt, and sheets.


When you go shopping, bring a friend! Especially one who knows you pretty well. They can help you with picking out stuff that looks good and works with your theme. Also, shopping with a friend is just more fun.

When figuring out a budget, think about what you need and what you can get by without. Also, if you plan on using your own money, check with your parents to see if they are willing to give you any to help you out.


Make sure you aren’t picking a theme based on a phase that you are going through just that week. Try to pick something that you know you will always like, or have liked for a while.

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If you only have a certain amount of money with you to spend, bring a calculator when you go shopping. It helps keep in perspective how much money you have spent and how much you have left.

The end of summer is a good time to find stuff for your room. All the college kids need new stuff for their dorms, so many stores, (like Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Target, Christmas Tree Shops, etc.) have sales going on.

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Pick a week where you can spend the whole weekend on your project, and then do research on what to buy.






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