This style originated in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and is often referred to today as “Spanish modern.”  The decor is an eclectic mix of style from different countries that form the Mediterranean, such as Morocco, Italy, France and Spain. The Mediterranean decor style, with its rich textures on walls, fabrics, floors, and accessories, is apt to do up your home.

Many civilizations have left their traces in this style. The connecting element between different living styles and architecture has always been the sea. These days, home owners are preferring themes which lend a rich, warm and ethnic ambience.A popular decorating style for the New Year is the Mediterranean style.

It is a highly sophisticated interior design style that is relatively easy to implement. The Mediterranean design concept can be easily adapted in India as we also have a warm climate. So it is no coincidence that the furniture is usually made of wood / olive is traditional for the region /. Of course, the linen and the white color of the upholstery sofas are more than usual.

The Mediterranean palette draws from land and sea: cobalt blues, earthy terra-cottas, ochre yellows, dusky lavenders.  If you prefer something mellow, opt for a mix of yellow and ochre, reminiscent of a sandy desert. The Mediterranean furniture should appear light and natural. High ceilings and wooden beams, stone walls and large fireplaces are the key elements indoors.

The Mediterranean style is characterized by subtle decoration – whether ceramic vessels or rattan baskets, fruit and flowers on the table are traditional decorative elements. When it comes to fabrics and accessories, restrict it to one main colour and no more than two or three accent colours, to avoid overwhelming your room.

No dainty spindles or petite pieces here—Mediterranean furniture has presence. Chunky legs, sturdy bases, broad tabletops, and towering case goods suit the strong sounds, sights, and flavors of this region. If you’re looking to com pletely transform your room with new furniture as well, rustic pine and wrought iron furniture works well in the Mediterranean design. You can easily re-stain or paint existing furniture and slipcover any couch or chair. It’s easy to create your own Mediterranean retreat if you get creative and play with colours and material.

By adding a touch of this style of décor to your home, you can mentally transport yourself to some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.