A table placed or intended to be placed in the center of a room; specifically, a drawing-room table. The ideal center table anchors the furniture in a room by filling in the gap, which is designed to be placed in front of (or next to) a sofa or upholstered chairs for convenient support of beverages hence the name.

If you think about the myriad of uses your coffee table is put to every day, you will appreciate its importance.  The table should be smaller than two-third of the largest piece of seating in the room. It should have enough space for showpieces as well as everyday objects like coffee mugs, laptop etc.

Also, the table’s height should be of the same height or a couple of inches lower than that of the sofa for ease of access. It’s a place for the family to gather, it can be a showcase for your books and ornaments, it’s where you can get some last minute work done or where your child does their homework and sometimes it’s where you hurriedly eat your lunch.

The ideal center table anchors the furniture in a room by filling in the gap, while providing enough space around it for movement or for some simple leg stretching. Since your center table will be the cynosure of all eyes, the safest option would be a table that is in tune with the colors, textures, patterns or materials used in the room.

All of these factors are important because ultimately our home is a place where we need to feel at ease and the furniture within it needs to be of practical use. Center tables with glass tops create the illusion of depth, making the overall setup look roomy and bigger than what it is. You can customize your table according to what activity you usually carry out around it. If you entertain guests often choose center tables with a lip edge or rugged surface.

A coffee table, as everyone knows is low in height accent tables which are usually placed along with the big sofa set or placed beside the accent chairs, for placing beverages, coffee table book, coffee table decor objects, and so on. The bottom line when it comes to choosing a material is what it that it should be easy to maintain and should be stable.