Coffee tables are an integral part of living room furniture, forming the focal point and lending a mood to the room. Coffee table styling is a bit of an art. Since coffee tables usually have prominent places in living rooms, it’s important that they look good, but it’s equally important that they function in the way they’re supposed to.

The entire seating arrangement can be focused around this key piece. A coffee table, if chosen as a statement piece, can add glamour and aesthetic appeal to a room. Fortunately coffee table styling is easy to master as long as you keep certain guidelines in mind.

The coffee table is no longer limited to the living room alone. You can place it in the courtyard, garden, balcony , sitouts or any semi-enclosed space at home. Most importantly, coffee tables need to accent their surroundings. Balance is an important component of any coffee table display, and one of the easiest ways to achieve balance is with symmetry.

Notice that while the objects on either side are not identical, they do balance each other out in terms of size and tone. The choices range from regular wood tables to glass, metal and even marble. These days, coffee tables come in unusual shapes, with a variety of unique bases and in diverse materials. Wood and glass are perfect complements.

The key is to think about how all the items in a vignette work together as a whole. Sometimes they’ll connect through color, sometimes style, sometimes shape, and sometimes theme. A coffee table with stylish wood legs and a top that consists of a broad wood border embellished with brass inlay fringing a clear glass centre is a classic combination.Having a solid wood top with elaborate brass inlay and getting a glass panel that rests on round disks on the four corners of the table is practical and eye-catching.