Stylish Bathroom designs

The literal translation of “a room with a bath” has evolved into a more technical description where a “full bathroom” must comprise four plumbing fixtures: bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. After these four essential elements, it is all up to us to mix and match materials to transform a utilitarian room into a peaceful private spa, a glamorous spot to put on make-up or an eco-friendly place to shave. Bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities store the ever increasing number of necessary products. Today, well designed bathrooms are beautiful, durable and highly functional.

Bathrooms, whether attached to the bedroom or down the hall, are high-traffic areas which need special attention while designing and decorating. Some may be beautiful designer bathrooms with built-in spa or a jacuzzi and some may be tiny bathrooms just enough to accommodate the barest minimum essentials. Whatever be the size, style, and decor of the bathroom, the basic requirements are almost the same which make for enjoyable, clean-looking, comfortable and relaxing bathrooms.

Generally there are three distinct areas in the bathroom that need proper attention to details;
the toilet area,
sink and
area where you groom yourself,
and the bathing /showering area .

All these generally characterize the bathroom and its look. A separately enclosed shower area may help in the morning rush as much as having dual sinks/vanities for usage concurrently. Powder rooms can double up as guest baths with just a sink and a toilet.

Make your bathroom energy efficient as well take measures to contain water wastage. Solar powered lighting and heating options and CFL lighting are favourite options. Likewise low-flow toilet or dual-flow toilet, low-flow showers are additional features for economical use of water. Windows and skylights are good options for utilizing whatever natural lighting that is available and for ventilation.

As the bathroom is a high-risk area prone to continuous water usage, moisture and water vapour, and condensation risks, care should be taken that wall panels, ceiling and flooring all are anti-bacterial, rust proof and mould proof fittings are used. Sufficient ventilation is a must to combat the water condensation and moisture occurrence. You can pretty up with a pot of greenery in the window ledge to make the room look more beautiful.

A well-designed and well furnished bathroom can add to the value of your home greatly and make your time in there very enjoyable. Bathrooms designs provide clean and comfortable atmosphere. New comfort can be achieved if the design is completely perfect. More than that, a bathroom designs can actually accommodate all the technical things which are more complicated than traditional bathroom designs. Materials and devices used should be chosen carefully in accordance with the dimensions of the space available.

When designing a bathroom, you should pay attention to things like the current system of intermittent aeration in a bathroom and a good sun light settings for bathroom is not smelly and not stuffy. All that must be met in a bathroom design package. After that you can choose an alternative style based on the uniqueness of its material.

Keep your bathroom litter free using a decorative bathroom waste bin.

Bathrooms are one of the rooms we want to be the most comfortable and personal as it is somewhere we relax and bathe in.With such elaborately designed bathrooms now becoming more and more popular there are now many different features you can add to your own bathroom to give it a little flair.

That is a room that doesn’t need a lot of details. It’s supposed to be mainly functional. Of course, the aesthetic aspect can’t be neglected, so a combination between the two is the perfect choice. And this collection has it all. It’s simple, very functional and it has a nice modern look.

These bathroom designs look more like a bedroom than like e bathroom. They take the comfort and privacy issue and take it to another level. It would be interesting to have a bathroom that looks like this. You might even feel so comfortable in there, you’ll want to move there. Hopefully this will never happen. I really like these designs. At a first look they might seem a little exaggerated, but after a while, when you think about it, it could be a very pleasant solution. Keep these images in mind the next time you redecorate your bathroom.