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Can you imagine sleeping in a bright orange bedroom? How about trying to relax in a room with its walls and ceiling painted red? Every colour has an effect on how we feel, from helping us relax to making us feel alert and energetic.

The colours you use to decorate your home have a serious impact on the way you’ll feel inside different rooms. While some colours perfectly complement a comfortable and relaxing living room, others are better suited to a creative studio of home office.Continue reading

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It’s not exactly a new idea to use tiles in your bathroom and kitchen design. A fair number of you reading this may even have tile floors in one or both of those rooms as well as tile walls for your shower and a tile backsplash in the kitchen. But for many of us, that’s where tiles begin and end.

They don’t have to though. Creative designers can show you how to artfully add tiles to any room in your home – and outside – but it’s possible to be a bit more interesting even if you just want to stick to your kitchen and bathroom. How? Read on!Continue reading

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Clean and ample counter space — the elusive ideal everyone, from the culinary genius to the working mom to the metropolitan gal, dreams about. While renovating your kitchen and adding more cabinetry may not be financially and spatially viable, more counter space on a limited budget can be within your grasp.Continue reading


Though it is one of the most used spaces of your home, your kitchen can be tricky to design, especially if you want to include interesting and unique features. The key to these features is that they need to be functional, as having non-functional design elements in your kitchen usually means taking up much-needed space.Continue reading