Three Great Ways to Transform Your Walls


Decorating your home can take days or even weeks and require a lot of money. While you might look at new furniture, consider changing the floors and even find new decorations to use in those rooms, you should think about making some changes to your walls too. Neutral colors like white or cream are great for letting your decorations shine, but you can use a brighter color to create a focal point or to create a statement in the room. In addition to paint, you can use wallpaper and even fabric.


Painting is one of the best ways to transform the walls in your home. You’ll need to cover the floors and furniture with old sheets, drop cloths or newspaper to keep drips off those areas. Experts also recommend that you use at least one coat of primer. Dyed primers have pigments added the enhance the color you choose for those walls. Consider taking care of damaged parts of your walls before painting too, including cracks or even holes. Using a similar or contrasting color on the trim and baseboards can really help make the wall color pop.



Wallpaper now comes in more colors and patterns than ever before. You can even opt for self-adhesive wallpaper, which has adhesive on the back to make hanging the paper easier. New wallpaper designs for walls let you do more with wallpaper. Instead of hanging the sheets right on the walls, you might install contrasting patterns on opposite sides of the room. You can also look for wallpaper that resembles other materials like wood paneling or brick. Try using wallpaper in unexpected places too, including inside your cabinets, on the front of a bookshelf or on your ceiling to bring in a bright pop of color.



If you rent your home, you usually cannot make permanent changes with paint or wallpaper. Using fabric lets you transform your walls without worrying about your landlord penalizing you for those changes later. Simple thumbtacks will hold large swatches of fabric to the walls, and you can later fill in those holes with putty. Hang the fabric swatches from the ceiling, or place panels floor to ceiling along one wall. Whether you rent or own your own home, you can transform and change the walls in any room with a coat of paint, some wallpaper or even fabric swatches and panels.