Tips for Designing a Basement Apartment


Basements are frequently considered to be dark and unpleasant places to be at. But the latest tendency in renovating and remodeling basement spaces has given them the second life. Today more and more people remodel their basements into separate apartments and them either rent them or accommodate there visiting friends and family. But regardless of the purposes you have in terms of creating the apartment, the steps you need to take are the same. Below we prepared several useful ideas that will facilitate the whole process.

Follow the codes

Not knowing the codes and so not following them is the worst mistake that you can make and, unfortunately, most people do, according to professional basements contractor Guy Solomon. He advises not to play with codes and hire a local expert who is familiar with all the requirement and will be able to prepare your space for the remodel according to the latest requirements.

Keep in mind, that if you are creating a separate apartment downstairs you will need to have a walkout which means an exterior door. Make sure that you create it because, firstly, it is a great addition to a separate apartment and is very appreciated by the tenants; secondly, it is a code requirement for a basement bedroom. If there is no space for a full door, you can opt for egress window for the same sake.

Make an Investment

Remember that if you are creating an apartment you will be able to rent it. Consequently, the better living space you create, the more money you can ask for it and so reimburse. Furthermore, keep in mind that all maintenance expenses for the rental apartment are actually tax deductible. So in the future you will not only earn money on your apartment but can add the taxes deducted for things like painting, cleaning, replacing the water heater, and others.


Plumbing and electrical requirements

As well as codes, you have to make sure that your tubes and duct work are new and function well. Otherwise, you risk getting into deeper expenses if after all the cosmetic works are finished and you find out that there is a leak somewhere. Do not save money on such important things and make sure that everything works properly.

In terms of electricity – do not connect your new apartment to the same line as your home because you risk creating the overload. Hire a professional electrician who will make everything right.


If you have never ever performed any finishing works, then Guy Solomon advises to leave this part to the expert. Moreover, basements are special places and require special treatment, so make sure that you hire a basement contractor and not a general one. This expert will handle the whole spectrum of work; he or she will make sure that all pipes and electricity is done properly, that codes are fine and that everything is done correctly before he or she proceeds to the final finishing works. Do not save on such an important thing as a professional contractor for your basement.