Flooring is a large investment, but it will breathe new life into the home, increase the property’s value and keep the home current with the latest styles and trends. While designs on walls are popular, floors are gaining equal prominence in interior design. Here are some trends in flooring to transform the look of your home this New Year.

Trends in flooring have undergone a dramatic transformation over the years. It is not just beautification but also health concerns that are playing a major role in people’s choices in flooring. If you’re considering replacing your flooring, you’re probably curious as to what flooring options are available in today’s market.

Laminate has been around for years, but it hasn’t been until recently that this floor has really achieved its top rank in the market. Some styles of laminate are so striking, you can barely tell them apart from real wood. When you hear teak wood, maplewood, hardwood or laminates, the first thing that comes to your mind is furniture. But these terms now find relevance in the flooring space too.

It is the designs and styles used on the floor that complete the look of your home. When the blend between the walls and floor is right, it automatically lifts up and enhances the decor. What makes these floors affordable is that you don’t have to pay for professional installation.

If you love the soft feel of carpet, you’ll appreciate the concept of carpet tiles. These tiles can be purchased in virtually any color and style, making it easy to create the most unusual patterns and designs. Carpet tiles have self-adhesive backings, so there’s no need to pay for professional installation.

There is a range of textures, designs and shapes that one can opt for. These options include customised tiles to suit any requirement. You can get your own designs or patterns printed or embedded. There are many affordable, trendy flooring options to choose from, and these three are just the tip of the iceberg. To save money without compromising style, look for floors that leave you with DIY freedom.