Decorating with mirrors makes your home appear bright and more spacious. Identify the potential focal points in your room and use them to make an impact.

Just like windows, mirrors add light and depth to the room interior, so feel free to use them as decorative windows that could be installed in any place you wish. Keep in mind that mirrors have a unique ability both to reflect and accentuate hues and views from neighboring walls and thus create striking effect.

Mirrors are among the most beautiful and timeless objects for home decoration. Gone are the days when they were considered just utility items. Nowadays, mirrors are given their due attention when planning a home decor. The overall look and feel of a room could depend on the size, shape and positioning of a mirror. Plain or decorative, mirrors are a fantastic way to add extra light as well as visual space and depth to any room.


When you pick a mirror, logic and art come into play. Certainly the mirror must fit the room and the wall space available. When you place a mirror, you consider where the light sources are located. A mirror positioned across a window can magnify and enhance the play of light in a room. They also make rooms more inviting.

Mirrors magnify every mood and decorative style. Some use large, ornate frames to stand alone as works of art. Others skip the frame and emphasise a minimalist look. There are rustic mirrors with that natural aura, while a contemporary mirror can be unique and unexpected.


It’s easy to overlook the possibilities a mirror brings to a room. Mirrors are such a part of your day-to-day life that you might just not think much about them. But remember, every room can be beautifully enhanced by a well-placed mirror. A bathroom without a mirror is impossible. But do not settle for just any mirror, make a statement.Stylish and contemporary

Contemporary mirrors are defined by a perfect balance of form and function. Exemplifying modern simplicity, these mirrors are virtual works of art. Mirrors are great focal points even when you use them for a routine purpose. Scout for a unique one and put it up in your favourite room.


Get innovative
If you are looking for a mirror that is simple in design, but bold in its innovative artistry, a contemporary mirror is perfect for you. Contemporary mirrors are not heavily ornamented with filigreed frames or cluttered adornment. The focus is on shape and texture. Contemporary mirrors are available in finely finished metals and many unusual shapes and sizes.

Here are some ideas to incorporate mirrors in home decor:

  • If you plan to have decorative mirrors, make sure to select frames that match the room’s style. For example, to complement a nautical or tropical home decor, choose a mirror framed in sea shells. Alternatively, if you have a lavish home with ornate furniture and lush Oriental area rugs, you will want to choose a traditional ornamental frame. If your curtains, area rugs and upholstery have floral designs, you may want to pick a mirror with an Art Deco style frame.
  • To make a narrow stairway or hallway look wider, hang mirrors on both sides, preferably right opposite each other. Similarly, to make a room appear larger than it is in reality, place large mirrors on the opposite walls or one mirror right across the entrance of the room.
  • If you wish to experiment, decorate your ceiling with a mirror mosaic. This will complement any kind of lighting and make a room look stunning with clusters of reflected light around.
  • Use miniature decorative mirrors to stylise your curtains, soft furniture and cushion slipovers and tablecloth.
  • Mirrors can be customised. Use this to your advantage and get a mirror of the exact size and shape you want and make it the centrepiece of your room. Even a frame can be custom-made according to your specifications.